Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guna Bakul

Tagged by Fariza Aziz..

Copy this list in a new reply. Put your player on shuffle/random and then put the next singers name on the answer. If it's a group/band, the first person who sings is the one that you write.

(My particular tagged is brought to you by my iTunes, thank you)

Your friend
Elthon John
yes...this somehow proves im no homophobe..haha

BFF (Best friend forever)
John McCrea (Cake)
We used to play guli together was the golden era they say.

Your crush
Fat Mike (NOFX)
yup, I like em thick...

Your teacher
Irv Gotti
thats why i got this gun in my bag..

The one that's teasing you on the breaks
Colbie Caillat
teasing me on the breaks??what does that even fucking mean..haha

The bus driver
is........Amy Winehouse.
All of my assets go to charity wrote my will.

Your lover
Marc Almond (Soft Cell)
apparently i like em extra skinny too..*sigh*

The person that cheated on you
Katy Perry.
it was probably with a girl..and oh yeah, she liked it..

Your idol
Paula Cole..
She's teaching me the art of 90's music..yes.

The popular brat
Robin Thicke
Need i say more??

The teachers petnews
P. Ramlee..
that must have been a very old teacher i might add..

The one that always comforts you
Julian Casablancas (The Strokes)
comforts me with booze and drugs..i like..haha

The person that secretly has a crush on you
Gia Farrell.

Your stalker
Sam Endicott (The Bravery)
Probably because of the tons of money i borrowed and never paid back...don't look at me that way, It was an honest mistake..haha

The person that you're jealous of
Brody Dalle (The Distillers)
i guess because she's living the dream..

The one that will save your life
Stine Bramsen (Alphabeat)
Wonky pop saved my life!!

Someone you're going to meet in the future
Micheal Buble
Boleh la..I was hoping it was somewhere in the lines of Jennifer Love Hewitt...

Your destiny
Imel (Ten2Five)
I'm destined for what??


Beliau berfikiran bahawa beliau baik
beliau tak baik
percayalah, beliau jahat
beliau ada 2 mata..hey, menarik kot!
beliau sebenarnya tak ada perkara menarik.

Saya pernah tembak orang.
Saya suka pada air suam
Ya saya suka pada dan bukan minum air suam.
Tangan saya pernah patah akibat bermain bola
Saya pernah masuk wad untuk denggi ketika World Cup 2002
Saya kurang suka pada nyamuk
ya, kurang.
Saya kurang berminat pada dunia politikus
Hobi makan saya sudah menjadi satu staple dalam dunia keliling
Saya kurang suka pada nasi.


Tiada siapa yang layak menerima "award" ini.
tetapi jika anda ingin membuat tag ini silakan..jangan sesekali ingat ini satu hadiah..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2 km

Endless tar ahead. I've dabbled at the idea of actually going somewhere on the highway but have never even thought of the actual possibility especially with Kiyoshi. We couldn't go that fast as to comply with the current mechanical state of Kiyoshi but it never really mattered. With the windows rolled down and the stereo producing tunes of an era gone by it was to most dull, but that was us. It wasn't a long journey through the highway though since we couldn't afford to go that far, so we ended going out on the 2nd exit.

It led to a winding pathway with trees left and right for comfort. There were people selling fruits and other types of food along the way. Kiyoshi didn't have the best of antenna's so we opted to bring our own cd's to bring on the "trip". Stashed cd's on the floor of the car decorated the interior. The breeze that day softly brushes our skin. The sun shining bright but clouds shaded us enough from the hot atmosphere.Going only 50-60 kilometers an hour along this winding road. So there we were two guys, one girl, one car with no particular place to go.

Our conversations inside the car became the focal point of the trip. Topics verifying with each passing times. At first we would talk about school. About the strains of being a teenager or what your parent would say "young adult" to make you feel mature (it doesn't by the way). This was our rebellious years. Sticking it to the man, or in our actual case sticking it to the principal whom have been rumored to wanted to retire ever since we got into the school. Our school topic became boring very easily since we just skipped school to go out wandering around.

Music instantly took over as our main topic of conversation. Mark lit his cigarette as all the windows were now opened. Except for one at the back, ever since me and mark "accidentally" shot the side door with firecrackers one night. Daisy started by saying, "who is your guilty pleasures to listen to". Me and Mark looked at each other looking all macho. It looked as if Mark was going to say "we're men, we don't have guilty pleasures. We only have pleasures." Or so I thought. He had one long puff and then he muttered out "Jessica Simpson." Me and daisy were dehydrated from laughing after that. Then Daisy said to me "don't just laugh".

I knew where this was heading, so I whispered "Kavana". "What?" said Mark. "Kavana. Okay. Happy?" I replied. Mark then said "at least mine was of the female form." "Kavana? Didn't he have like one hit album? Your into a one hit wonder?" Daisy added. "Yeah so. Moving on." I replied hastily. "Okay mine is Bob Dylan." said Daisy. Both me and Mark sounded out "What?!"."He's no guilty pleasure, he's a fucking legend for god sake" I added. "So what?" Daisy replied. Then all of us sat silently for awhile probably all thinking of one thing, Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Makan Duit

People are born greedy and selfish. That's why babies cry to get things or how kids would scream till they get what they want. Adults are still greedy and selfish, it's just that some are more slick and subtle about their intentions. Still greedy and selfish nonetheless.

That's why there's loads of campaigns and stories that promotes charity and whatnot. We need to be reminded of it since we're not doing it.

Get it. Got it. Good.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tutup Mulut

I used to get frustrated at those who are frustrated and somewhat concern about my lack of talking ability. Well I wouldn't put it as ability, more of an on and off motion. I'm partly sick and tired of those who say I'm arrogant and don't want to talk to them.

Look, believe me, your the lucky ones who don't have to hear me talk. When I don't have anything to say it's only because I really don't have anything to say. It's in the male genes to be simplistic.

I communicate differently from you as you communicate differently from the next guy and or girl. Next!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Konsistensi Lari

I have managed to annoy myself through my own blog.


Hilang dalam translasi

"Do i need to worry about you Bob?"

"Only if you want to."


Bising persekitaran. Lagi bising dari sebelumnya. Adakah ini realiti masa kini? Adakah kekuatan bunyi persekitaran ini menjadikan kita pekak terhadap dunia sendiri?

Aku menoleh ke belakang dan melihat keluarga bahagia. Tetapi kita tahu badan kita di tetapkan untuk mengarah ke hadapan.

Mungkin, pada satu masa akan datang, mungkin, kita bahagia.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Everyone's interesting until they talk.

You can quote me on that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patah Balik

As most of you might have known I once lived in the states and although it was mostly remembered about the life I had there, I do remember the acts that caught my ear at an early age. I wasn't a teenage rebel who listen to rock back then. It was more of the top 40 hits when I was a kid. Friends the television series was just starting and it was the late era of grunge. MTV and radios still preferred to give us the music rather than ads and other junk (*cough* reality shows *cough*). Today buoyed by my previous post I'm reliving, if you will, nostalgia.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Double Helix

Just to counter balance the previous post.

Kasih terlebih Sayang.

The Malaysian Government has approved of the Honeymoon package put fourth for husband and wives on the rocky road to divorce. Since there is an increasing amount of divorces among Malaysians, the Government are providing these honeymoon packages for free with the money coming from their respective state government.

Oh yeah, its free plus some counseling. To celebrate this modern era in relationship building let's listen to the perfect song for such an occasion:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Musika permainan

Choose your own destiny they say. Who ever had said that must have not been a Malaysian or like the stereotypical Asian on those American movies. We aim to please. Sometimes with no actual benefits.

The give and take action has come to be the all taking hands at will. The life is drowning out of me. More and more as time passes. Becoming the androids that they want people to be. Ears are screeching with monotonous melodies. Colors the music paints is dying. I guess now I understand the meaning behind the song "American Pie".

"Singing, this will be the day that I die.
This will be the day that I die."

Rock and Fucking Roll!

Friday, October 9, 2009

1 km

We were in front of our classes standing silently mentally preparing for the day ahead. As with any other day it felt like it was going to be one of those long days at the office grinding out every parcel of our body just to get on with the day.

So on we went infiltrating the knowledge put forth until it came for a rest, recess if you will. We sat at the exact spot everyday for the last two years during recess. On this day we talked about running off. By the time the talk ended we had our bags in our hands. There were three of us contemplating the plan. Me, Mark and Daisy.

Sounds like more Dukes of Hazards than your daily trio but lived by. I knew Daisy not that long ago. Well I knew her but I didn't know her knew her until we were in the same class. Forced friends at first but we had so many things in common it was hard to ignore that we would later become best friends. We could talk for hours about everything and anything, and also not talk at all for hours just sitting and lazying around. The stark difference between me and her was that she had the brains. While we did the same amount of lazying around, we didn't share the same grades which kinda bug me but it passes.

The three of us had one foot out the gate while everyone else were busy eating. Instead of using the route of trees, mud and the occasional lizards that most of the "troublemaker" gangs used, we went through the side gate. Which was linked to a temple that was usually silent during school hours. Our theory of silence was spot on as there were more dust than homosapiens. So off we went headed towards my house, since my parents were at their offices and my siblings at school. We sat around in the house playing games and basically do what every teenager would do when skipping class, naps.

It was almost the end of the school day so I took the car keys to my beaten up old '78 Datsun that nobody seemed to not care about. I called her "Kiyoshi" which meant bright and shinning in the Japanese language. The irony. Starting the car had a precise maneuver in it, kicking the side of it before turning the keys. So off we went, as the car backfired a couple of times before eventually running smoothly. Stopped by Mark's and Daisy's house for them to also change their clothes. Like any other day in a beat up car with friends, we knew nothing of our destination. It has always been that way. "Livening the trip they say". So onwards to the highway.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gegaran seismik

I'm watching back Freaks and Geeks and was reminiscing the good old days of high school (again!). Since the story is basically about the normal groups of stereotypical high school students I was thinking about the so called good 'ol times.

Yeah many of the good times that are engraved in the time capsule near the brain but some few often the opposite happens. The dark parts of the moon has somehow cleared its way towards your eyes. Most of my UPSR year was only remembered for the excessive slaps I got almost everyday. It was by the BM teacher who had hands bigger than my head. He also taught us Science and oh yeah, he was also our class teacher. Whoop-y...

I just got back from the states and was only really learning Bahasa back for a couple of years, so it was a little hard for me to grasp. Now don't get me wrong, It's not like I failed the subject or anything, it was just that I was not "up to standard" since I was "in the first class". We were already stereotyped and categorised at an early age. At first it was only him who was "picking on me". Later on even the English teacher asked me why I could get good grades in English and not Bahasa since it was our mother tongue.

I remember just shrugging it off almost everyday of the week and football kinda help with things. I guess thats how I learned to just turn off. Be blurred as they call it. It gave me the neccessary equipments to make it through high school where "your grades means yourlife". The categorization in high school only gets worse.

That could be for another time.