Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pandangan Pengalaman

I have lived in a semi-urban environment almost all my life. In touch with both the urban mindset and those rural areas?. So how has this affected my life in general? Well I think this has impacted to my ordinarism1 (if there was such a word). I have always thought of myself as the quintessential average person. I know not much of anything and not little of anything either which makes me generally average in terms of knowledge.

Where this then diverge is in my personality. I don't have an average personality in a general context. It has come to my attention that at an early age I saw things differently than most people because I take knowledge that's mainly general but on a different angle. In other words, a bulk of general information that is distributed evenly amongst us and I pick a different segment (an normally the most unpopular one at that!) than anyone else.

At school, most people in my class was there because 1. they were sent there by the school (or picked, whichever you see fit) and 2. they had a good idea of the science stream. I didn't have both except that's slightly untrue for the first one because I was sent to a science stream but doubtfully picked. Ha ha. I had a liking towards more factual medium such as history but I wasn't fully aware of it back then since I was trying to catch up on the "core" science subjects namely chemistry and add maths.

As I jab at making sense of everything I find that this piece of information is not particularly parallel with my big question of is passion for something give that much leverage in one's knowledge? Of course the general answer would be yes, but in a detailed look at things does this apply to everything else you have knowledge of especially those that are sprung from experiences? Do I know more about a bicycle after having the experience not only using it but also maintaining it without any passion behind it than just mere passion about it? Confusing? Good.

Esok Harga panadol naik! Ha ha ha. Supply and demand and demand...

It seems that there is no such word by using blogger's spellchecker [1]

Friday, July 16, 2010

We want you!

As I was reading away other people's blogs I wondered if any of us are influential. I mean apart from famous bloggers that are in the realm of celebrity (because we lack celebs in Malaysia) do you read another strangers blogs every once in awhile to get updated and sometimes get inspired? This does not count the bloggers whom you know and met in real life.

Blogs are mushrooming up like crazy this last decades especially in the last 3 to 5 years or so. Some are updated, some barely updated *cough cough*, and some just die in space. How influential can a certain blog be. This is a very valid question since the world wide web are advocates of freedom of speech and information. Nothing is impossible in the realm of the three w's.

If they are and your a blogger, do you feel burdened by the influence or at least aware of it? Most probably like most of us, you just don't give a damn because like I said before, blogs are mushrooming in numbers and perhaps most blogs become insignificant. They just become mere numbers in the statistics of the virtual world.

This is going nowhere. Ha ha.

A-ny-way, I was thinking of post themes like the tagged post, where people ask an x amount of question as a template and tag other people to do it (almost all blogs have 'em, almost). I thought about a different type of tag. Rather than an x amount of questions how about one question or word or object to theme your post regardless of your post format. Whether personal thoughts, short story, lyrics, poetry and so and so (you get the idea, I think).

To make it short, I'm proposing that we do a post on one particular album. (this is going to prove that 1. I'm seriously loosing my mind and 2. how much people actually read this space. Ha ha. Its a narcissistic thing.)

So, any ideas on a common album?

Thursday, July 8, 2010


"Have you ever wondered how the realisation of your self image reflects your social environment especially where infatuation is concern?" tanya aku.

"Ha?" jawap kawan aku yang sedang memasukkan satu blok berbentuk bulat pada tempatnya bagaikan seorang air traffic controller membimbing kapal terbang mendarat dengan selamat.

"I mean, do you, as time goes by, perceive people differently depending on how you see yourself in the eyes of that person?" sambung aku lagi.

"Ha?" jawap kawan aku dalam kebingungan.

"Say you have a rating system based purely on looks. 10 being the highest while 1 is the lowest. You meet a person that at first you think is a 10 but when you realise that in her eyes your merely a 4 do you consciously lower your ratings towards her?" aku cuba bertanya dengan bantuan contoh.

"Milo." jawap si kawan aku.

"Milo?" kini aku kekeliruan.

Tapi sebelum aku bertanya akan signifikasi milo dalam konteks perbincangan ini, aku berfikir sendirian " Why the heck am I in a day care center."