Friday, September 27, 2013

A day out

Bright blue as if the ocean was above
the shine of the sun piercing through
I look down and adjusted my vision
and yet I could not take away it's glow

Her hair short and straight, enough, I guess
her eyes matched the sky, the ocean
her nose not long, not short
leads to the most beautiful smile.

As I look down further
bright line shine outwards
it soons becomes hazy, dizzying
as the color fades from its beauty

I placed my hands on her shoulder
I could sense that my grip was loosening
she turned away slowly as if it was in slow motion
my hands I saw only red
dripping itself down to the earth

I felt a throbbing pain coming from my chest
a sharp edge, deep, piercing
eyes slowly rolled upwards
now on my knees as I watch pavement come

Flashing lights
then darkness soon after
the streets sang loud

"I came to this world with nothing,
and I leave with nothing but love,
Everything else is just borrowed"

I am hoping this to be a new lease and an end to something that has been attached with me for far too long. Along with a song that I would think seems to be a tarantino like choice of song.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Perhaps only in death will you find life.