Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look into it and you find nothing

I've been itching to write something up for the last couple of months or so. Although there were some post up, but it seems out of touch and I still don't think I have it as of currently either, but I guess trying is a step.

So anyway, enough with the sappy stuff and on to other more depressing stuff. Ha ha.

I've loved arts from as long as I could remember (and I do have a good memory when it involves eclectic stuff) but in do time I've connected more and view certain things more differently. This is why people love stuff like music, films, plays, paintings and so on. Although it could be in a specific medium targeting specific audiences, it can always spill to a wider audience. Did any of that make any sense? Ha ha.

I guess I grew up a bit this past year (and people would point me on that, albeit because of physical appearance) and the experiences I have encountered have made certain things open up. Like how different a song sounds when the lyrics can be connected, or how a film is viewed through different experiences. Basically the main point to this whole crap of a post is that art is better viewed through experiences.

I think I've gone melodrama and probably am becoming the manifestation of Hector in one of those Morrissey songs but life comes by the day, and I'm hoping that it will lead me to hear more clearer, to view more brighter, to feel more deeper.

This shit's depressing. Ha ha ha.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Name that Movie 9

Miss Emily: We didn't have to look into your souls, we had to see if you had souls at all.

Just because it has been ages.