Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Bites

All three of us are now inside Mark's brand new Japanese made car that perhaps lack that bit of character as most new car do. Mark has always been one to indulge on the latest things that mankind, or should I put it "globalization", has to offer. These roads, however newly paved they are, can never get away from its familiarity. It seems like I've never left at all.

"We're going to Daisy's first" Mark turned and said. "You should watch the road, and why?" I replied. Daisy intervened saying "You know how my dad loves you. He would like to see you when you've arrived. Heck he loves you more than my brother." "That's what I was afraid of" I sighed. The next few minutes just became this silent passing of nature through the automated window. Not for the lack of conversational item, we always seem to have that innate sense of when to talk and when to just to enjoy the silence of each other.

When we got to Daisy's house there was his dad already outside just watering the lily that's been growing in their lawn for ever since I could remember. I go up and say hi thinking that he'll probably start by giving me lectures on how to grow lilies. Which sure enough he does. Talking about the portions of watering needed and how to talk to them while watering. Not that I wasn't interested, its just that somehow he would forget every time I meet him that he talks about this all the time and only after giving the lecture would he talk about other things.

Just another day then.