Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stolen Dance

"It's okay Mark. I don't think I need to meet new people." I tried saying to him.
He was basically non existent in the conversation or whatever this was. He seemed busy scanning through the mounds of people surrounding this huge property.

While resuming your normal small talk, Mark called aloud "Emma". I just took more sips of my drink. A tall skinny girl walked up to us. She had a wavy brunette hair with hazel eyes. A blue dress with beige platforms. Weird. Mark started the introduction. "Sam, I want you to meet Emma. She will also be joining Josh in that upcoming movie." "Ah I see. Nice to meet you." I responded as getting out a hand to shake.

"I have heard so much about you." she started saying.
"Oh. I'm sorry, but I can't say the same for you." instinctively responded.

I have long forgotten how to care. We started talking on her background. I was sure that was a good way to lead the conversation. With every sentence I was trying to find keywords to get out of it. How come the more the people are at one particular place in time, the more awkwardly lonely one get?

"So what new stuff you've done recently?" she asked.
"Nothing really. Just reviewing other people's work most of the time. The rest of it is spent trying to get my head around the idea that I am here" I replied.
"That sounds cool. Why don't you start doing some superhero stuff. Seems to be getting good responses." she said trying to convince the notion.

"Can I just stab her or shoot her or something?"
"No. You know that is not something that is accepted."

I just nodded and smiled.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snap out of it

After some time readjusting my vision I realized that I am just sitting in mall parking lot in the middle of the city. The phone rang. It was Mark. I knew this as the song Psycho Killer played whenever he called. Aptly chosen, I thought.

"Where are you?" he was asking while I tried to be fully aware of my surrounding.
"I am somewhere." I answered.
"Well Josh is having this party up at his house. Come now, no excuse." he said trying to convince me.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I replied reluctantly.

So on I went to Josh's who has a house on top of a hill that overlooked the city. This is where all the rich people lived. The kind of people that they are not worried where their next paycheck comes in or when for that matter. The ones whose problems involves talking about jargon that no normal person could decipher and yet still a bitch ain't one. The one percent.

Two building connected by a corridor and a pool in the middle. Everybody else were already nearing the pool with drinks in hand. Some are even in the pool itself which is surround by lush greens. As one would go to the end of the plot, one would be welcomed by a beautiful view of the city skyline. With the moon up shining. Reflections of a city that never sleeps and yet its inhabitants do anything but.

Mark came to me with a drink. "Here you go." as he hands it to me. "Look at the view eh." making small talk. "Yeah I guess. Seems a bit crowded though." I lazily replied. "Yeah, Josh just got news that he got the role for that superhero movie, and you know how that goes financially" Mark explained. "Yeah. So I've heard." trying to reply with enthusiasm. "Look, I've asked you to come because I want you to meet a friend of mine." he continued. "Oh." my only response.

This doesn't sound good.  


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I haven't done this in quite awhile, so thought of revolving it again. These are the few pieces of music that was influential in making the previous "short" story. This and that I just wanted to produce another playlist.

Cozy Weird
1. Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
2. Eric Hutchinson - Back to Where I Was

Little Bites
1. Johnny Foreigner - Our Bipolar Friends
2. Gabrielle Aplin - Home

1. The Kooks - Time Above The Earth
2. MGMT - Someone's Missing

Cozy grounds
1. Those Dancing Days - Home Sweet Home
2. The Beatles - Being for the benefit of Mr.Kite

This is just going to make a large eye sore for me personally but heh.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stub out

Wheels spinning on the tarmac, as light rain descent onto the earth. It was a windy night that seems out of place for a country like this. Even so I have my windows down enjoying as the wind whispers into the night. I light a cigarette just because. Strolling at night through the concrete jungle of the city. Skyscrapers high with glass windows covering the exterior reflecting the night lights surrounding the area. The full moon is out giving more light to the night sky.

New Order softly plays in the background as I am cruising at not more than 60 km/hour. At this late night no cars are on the road currently where during the day the roads seemed more like a big parking lot than a place where cars stream through. Even the traffic lights seemed to have agreed with my midnight stroll, as one by one turned green. All seemed to not matter as I barely knew where I was. Just driving following the track in front of me, not knowing where to go. It wouldn't have mattered much. Not today.

"So you have started smoking again" she said as I puffed one more toxic induced smoke into the air.

I quickly put out the cigarette by clumsily crushing the burning end on the side of the car. Or so I thought. The wind had blown it into the car and it dropped on my lap. Its burning hot end warming up my upper thighs. I did a crazy dance trying to get it on the ground and stomp it out. "Well look at you've done" I sad as I wipe the ashes from my jeans. "I didn't do anything, it was all you. As it has always been." she replied.

"Why are you here anyways?" I asked. "I'm not." she replied.

Maybe that wasn't a cigarette after all.