Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sad Blue Eyes

Another group therapy session that starts with a depressing comment as to why people feel the need to kill themselves. Opening up is the best therapy they say while I'll just feel like "why are you not going to kill yourself after going through your life like that". I guess that is where I need to rethink and refocus myself on the positives.

While we were sharing our life experiences, in walks a new member to the group who was transferred from another institution due to financial reasons. Long dark hair with a slender frame like someone who hasn't eaten in months looking down on the floor while filling up an empty chair. She would look up every once in awhile to show acknowledgement of any life. Finally it came for her turn to speak and she looked at everyone with sad blue eyes opening her pale looking lips.

New Girl: I'm Sandra.
Everybody in the room: Hi Sandra.
Sandra: I made a pact with my best friend to kill ourselves together.

Sandra: I survived.