Thursday, August 23, 2012

6th Drive

The Last stop before arriving back in London was the Bicester Village outlet. Not much to say other than shopping? Ha ha. Also awkwardly met a friend of my mom whom I've met when I was in the States which if you know by now is awkward for me and not anybody else. Did not snap much pictures as not much to see really as well as in London itself as more shopping done than sight seeing.

Sight seeing? Really?

One of few snaps

And Finally the reason "we" all went there in the first place.

5th Drive

A day after having been to Scotland (finally) we track our way down back to London. Of course it was not a straight drive down as we had stops in Oxford, Sherwood in Nottingham, and York. We actually hadn't plan to go to these stops except for the Sherwood forest. By now my parents was also under the weather which meant that driving long distance was not much of an option. The rain was almost non existent by now but the wind was still picking up.

The University town

The forest

And York (taken from a rooftop car park)

Would have place a bit more pictures but I don't know how to rotate the pictures through this blog and have not bothered finding out. (typical...pffft.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

4th Drive

The next day we arrive at our north most destination for the whole trip which was Edinburgh. Not so much had changed weather wise and also with my health but luckily the rain stopped as we arrived at the Edinburgh Castle. My brother had internet connection using his phone so we got tickets on the spot through online halfway through waiting in the line. I wen with the walking guide while the others went by themselves because they couldn't been bothered to wait for the tour. Ha ha. We stayed at the castle for about an hour plus and then went walking along the Royal Mile where we got a bite to eat and snapped some pictures in front of the coffee shop that J. K. Rowling frequented during the making of her potter books.

Inside the castle

Along the Royal Mile

The Elephant House

3rd Drive

And so the journey continues north bound with stop at Cumbria. The Lake district to be exact and by this time I was down with fever and flu and everything else. It was raining most of the ways and I felt like the weather. We could not enjoy much of the scenery due to the bad weather but we, like most other days, made the most of it. As we arrived at Windermere our first stop was the World of Beatrix Potter attraction. A famous children's author that did not fill my childhood. Ha ha. Then cruised along the lake district stopping by at the pier and finally head to a travelodge nearby.

The World of Beatrix Potter attraction

Both were along the lake.

Some parts of the pier.


Friday, August 10, 2012

2nd Drive

The following day we head further north to Liverpool. The drive was planned so that each stop wouldn't have been that far off from one another. Arriving in Liverpool itself wasn't so hard, but there was a mix up when trying to find the pace we were heading towards within Liverpool that proved the hassle. The sun was out this time but windy as hell. At the Albert Dock went to the Beatles story exhibit and also the maritime museum. Which my friends and me debated due to the lack of free entering museums in Malaysia. Ha ha. Stopped by a mall in the Liverpool area for lunch where we got our first taste of the Olympics when a group of dancers that will be in the ceremony gave a performance. Before finally heading for the travel lodge, stopped by Anfield stadium just to get people back home jealous. Ha ha. For that reason alone it was worth it. Ha ha.

The Albert Dock

In your face! Ha ha.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1st Drive

The driving began as we head north bound towards Scotland. For obvious reasons we had more than one stop before arriving in Scotland a few of days later. Up first in a familiar rainy day in parts of the UK was the Stonehenge where most of the tourist arriving there was probably thinking in the same line as I was "those stones aren't that tall in real life". That said, it was still a sight to behold. Then there was the Swindon outlet which has been a main stay every time we go to the UK and lastly stopped at Stratford Upon Avon where as people would know (I didn't) was the birthplace of Shakespeare.

Imagining zombies walking slowly towards some piece of well organised rocks.

From afar. (like duh)

Take that puasa!

This was the closest we could get to one another. Ha ha.

Cameron Highlands anyone?

One of many shops I "looked around"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It's already past halfway through Ramadan and I still can't fix back my sleeping schedule. Not that working odd hours ever helps. Now that I'm starting back mornings its a big ask to just get some snooze time. This would have never happened during Uni years (not really, but trying to dramatize the situation ha ha).

As per previous post, I have hinted at getting images in this blog mostly to distract myself from writing a horribly melodramatic post. Anyway, my family and I (minus my sis) went to my brother's graduation. It was for 11 days (not the convo though ha ha). The first day was not much hassle, we landed sometime in the afternoon and head straight to my brother's rented house after picking up the car. Didn't do much of anything on the first day really. Which was no surprise considering the driving ahead, but I did get comfy infront of the TV. Once a couch potato, *almost* always a couch potato. Ha ha.

Not my brother's rented house. But let's just say that it looks similar shall we.

At the front of the house while waiting for someone to open the door, because surprise, surprise, my brother didn't bring along the key.

Picture of the car. Not for continuity purpose. Ha ha.

This is the house though. But from the inside. Ha ha.