Friday, June 7, 2013


"So you're back for good?" asked Tom, Daisy's father. "I don't think so. I am going back as soon as everything's over." I replied. "Well you should stay here longer. Especially since you haven't been in contact with anybody for the last couple years" Tom said with a serious tone. "We'll see how everything goes then." I ended.

I didn't have much contact after I left this place trying to search for a career. I tried to find myself more than a career for the most part. Along the way the career took over. Plucking my way from obscurity to mediocrity is not an easy thing to do. I place myself deep in work perhaps more so to distance myself from this place.

As we walked past the house and onto the backyard full of colorful flowers it dawned to me as to the depth of this event. Not as if I have not been to one of these before. The large white tents fill the big empty space and yet does not outshine the flowers on display. "Its looking beautiful Tom." I said trying to break an awkward silence. "Well thanks to you" he replied. " I just gave Daisy some suggestions" I said while circling the surroundings. "You know how much she values your opinion. More reason for you to still be here after this all ends" Tom said. "I'm sure there's not much reason for me here especially with the past" I replied.

Tom had his arm on my shoulder and said "Look, that's the past. Sometimes all you can do is just be there and water the flowers and let it grow."

"Whatever it is that you're on right now, I want some."