Monday, July 27, 2009

Bangun dengan harapan

There is a fine line between success and failure. Sometimes, if not, most of the times these two intertwine with one another in a way that it reflects the growth of the human capacity. In today's ever changing dimensions it is up to us to slow things down and put everything in perspective. People are being too success driven that they are blind by what the effects are. Now we see the emergence of global warming and the financial crisis as foundation of the future decades to come.

We are like the fishes born in the rivers now in Malaysia. Take the Klang River as an example. I think ever since I was born it looked that way. We are like the fishes born in such a polluted environment that it is a norm when all it is, is our blindness to see the greater picture. Clear out the water as it may.

What have you done today that effects the population positively?

Monday, July 20, 2009


Atas permintaan diri sendiri, aku mula menaip untuk kekecohan hidup. Perkara penting yang aku ingin sampaikan ialah perkara yang menggegarkan. Kebosanan. Kamu semua tidak suka pada bosan. Bosan itu tanda kehidupan baik kerna tiada kekecohan, terutamanya drama di dalam kehidupan harian anda. Mereka semua perlukan konflik, gossip, drama untuk tidak bosan di permukaan bumi ini. Sesuatu yang mempunyai risiko tinggi amat diingini ramai walaupun perkara-perkara itu boleh membawa perkara negatif.

Jadi, anda inginkan kebosanan?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change of Face

Fahaman aku tentang perkara super natural kurang daripada manusia lain. Mungkin atas sebab aku android yang tiada tradisi masa lampau. Aku perlu ade perubahan personaliti mungkin. Mungkin.

Soket 13 watt charger aku mungkin tidak mencukupi untuk memberi aku perubahan hidup yang aku inginkan. Kurangnya keunikan tersendiri mungkin kerana persekitaran semasa. Hilang dalam dunia manusia lain dan bukan dalam dunia sendiri.

Perubahan bermula sekarang.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cucuk Life

With my new surroundings (okay not so new, but for this blog, yes) I cleaned up a bit for all to see. Or did I actually cluttered it up. Anyway what I guess I'm trying to say is I am settling in.

I changed my blog mainly because of the change I have gone through in my real life. It's okay, I'm not getting sappy. Though that would be life changing wouldn't it? Ha ha ha. One trait that I have which I think will be hard to change is my disinterest in other people's personal life. Now don't get me wrong I would like to know people, it's just that under their willingness and not from other sources. Basically I don't like gossips even with the person themselves.

I don't try and dabble into other people's business as I wouldn't like anyone else to dabble into mine but it's human nature to connect isn't it, even if they have gone beyond people's boundaries. I have had my fair shares of rumors and gossips but it doesn't effect me much. It just annoys me a little especially when it's some type of third-fourth person blab.

Gossip magazines or more professionally called "entertainment" magazines are selling like hot cakes on the shelves of every bookstore in sight. It has now become a slight obsession of a few (or many) to be on the look out for news to spice up their life. Oh, the drama. And I thought it was just for mak cik-mak cik yang tiap-tiap petang tengok teledrama sahaja.Its now becoming a big business poking at other people's business.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

au revoir et salut

As we finally bid farewell to one of the most influential musician in recent times yesterday, we welcome a new era in music. Just like how the world was in shock of Elvis's death, no one would have thought that another musician could be as influential and as transcending as the King of Pop.

As they marched the casket up to the front of the stage, I thought to myself, will the next big icon come from a different genre? Elvis was undoubtedly the King of Rock and Roll because of what he gave to that genre in particular, and no one in their right mind would say that there would be another King of Pop. With two iconic figures coming from different genre, will we finally see an icon called the King of Jazz or New Wave and so on?

Whoever is next up on the throne one would suggest that they need to have generalize their art form. Bringing their genre into the headlines of music of the time. Unlike generations past however, we find that there are more segments of music genres formed. With new innovation comes with new terms as we see the music world expending accordingly with the personal taste of the world.

Technologies like the internet and satellite radio has meant that the consumer has more excess into the music industry which means that individual taste has been more important than ever. Whoever and however one will become the next music legend the world will surely miss and appreciate the ones that came before them.

Monday, July 6, 2009


One reason why I did not change my blog domain earlier was because every time I would want to post something here in blogger I would freeze up perplexed about what needs to be said. In a way the empty boxes on the create a post menu has always looked, well, empty.

I knew from the start that changing to this particular domain might be hard considering that mental state I was in. It's a wonder how I could have kept up my previous blog for so long. I mean I surely don't get too personal to anything. A thought came to my mind while waking up, how do people cut themselves from their blogs. I mean, how do they don't get too personal.

All those so called "anonymous" writers aren't so anonymous after awhile. I guess because a blog is a personal thing whether or not you want it to be. You will write what is in your mind at that current point of time and all you can reference from is your experiences. Unless your post or comments on people's blogs are edited by other people or even other professional editors, you will not find a way to actually cut loose from what is said.

Even those who just copy paste their post from other sources, which I might add is annoying to say the least, it is garnished with some words by the blogger. It is also because of the author's thought at the time that picked out the particular piece of copy-paste material. A-ny-way it is suffice to say that a blog is personal and that this blog might later on be that way.


Friday, July 3, 2009


So I have changed my blog. Perhaps the once and last time.
With what seems a new fresh ambiance I sit still conflicting on posts.
Heck, I'll start when I wanna. So with this I salute to a new helm.

To those who finds my back stories in my other blog still amusing,nostalgic and down right embarrassing it will still be up. I don't think I will be deleting it for nostalgic purposes. Okay I'm THAT lazy.
Old One

A-ny-way, heres to the future!