Saturday, July 9, 2011


It was a cloudy day. Haze season I presume. I sat by the curb looking down towards the newly relayed tar. This pain inside is not surprising but painful nonetheless. A stranger walked by and saw me sitting there, alone.

He approached me patting my back asking what was wrong. I looked at him only to say "you don't want to hear my sob story friend". He replied, "its okay, I have the time".

So on I went, telling him in perfect painful details. I finished the story on a sour note in what turned out to be half an hours worth. He then began sobbing. Crying his hearts out and nodding to the facts that has been given to him.

So distraught was he that he refused to stay in this country. No more would he like to be apart of something like this. I then patted his back and said "yes, that is how I found out that they wont be serving KFC's double down here in Malaysia".

Monday, July 4, 2011

Transformasi kewangan

One would be a fool not to realize the impact of east Asian culture on our own pop scene. From the days of japan's take on Asia for Asia to the now booming k-pop infiltration, the culture from the far east has been ever present.

I was listening to bfm the other day (ya, BFM) and they interviewed the managing director or was it the CEO?, of pavilion kl. If you haven't been to pavilion yet I can take you only if you promise to pay for food (will drive for food, ha ha). The top level of pavilion is/ has been refurbished and has a concept on its own that for me doesn't suit with the exclusivity of pavilion kl. They are making a hip Japanese theme area like some street name in japan that's famous for those kind of things (don't ask). Maybe it's appropriate among the other buildings in the golden triangle but I think it doesn't suit well with pavilion although I could be proved wrong as I have not been or seen it yet.

Its a wonder what wave we will see hit us next but I believe with the new focus on Asian related trends it will help us a country in the long run. The need to get the Asian trend going has made our mainstream market looking for things locally produced. This has helped the local industries tremendously in terms of volume. We can now watch Malaysian made movies in the cinema without worrying what others will think, and the attendance of stadium go-ers has increased. Although the increment has not been staggering for some, it is a mild but visible. We can only presume that competition from our own local industry will match that of the imported ones within the next decade. Some more significant than others.

With all the excitement being felt in our own backyard I hope that we will see more innovative ideas coming out especially in terms of intellectual properties. One I am very excited about is underground shopping but that is another long story to talk about especially since its still in its infancy.

I am writing this crap mainly to try and build my interest back in pop writing. Trying to get away from some serious shit for awhile maybe. Hopefully I still have some mojo left in me.