Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cozy weird

The coolness of the breeze is a good way to start my morning breakfast at this quite little restaurant. The warmth you get from familiarity. With a hot cuppa, I start digging into the highly unhealthy nasi lemak. Basic in its amenities, its no frills approach has never bothered me especially since it has felt like ages since the last time I ate something homey.

A balding middle aged man walked into the empty restaurant and sat right in front of me. With his pencil thin mustache and thinner lips, he gave a slight smile while managing to pull up his hand to give a semi wave. "Even though this would be considered as a small restaurant but with at least hundreds of other chairs and table, or so it seemed, why did he had to choose one in front of me?", I thought to myself while trying to conjure up something similar to a smile.

"I have never seen you around before? Are you new around this area?" the man asked. This, I thought, is where my multitasking skill is put to the test. "Yeah I guess. Waiting for friends." I replied. "Just nod and smile god-dammit!" I was thinking to myself. This bore-fest might take awhile. All this done with my phone on the other hand texting "Where are u guys?!!!!!!". This guy can go on and on talking. Finally a reply was received, "15 more minutes" which I replied myself by saying "u said that half an hour ago....". This is not looking good. Its probably how POW's feel like while getting interrogated.

After probably 15 minutes worth of nodding and smiling the man finally caved and went quite. Mental victory!!! Membrane high-fives!! After finishing my breakfast I was ready to head out when I heard a familiar laugh. A slight hyena like laugh or was the lion king not a documentary? There he was at the table outside having a fag with Daisy trying not to show any sense of how hard they were laughing.

"Where were you guys? How long have you guys been here?". Mark casually answered back while puffing out smokes "about 20 minutes ago." I was infuriated. "Why didn't you guys come in? Don't you know how I hate social interactions with gleeful human beings?? I think its my face, I need to have that " I'm gonna slit your throat face".

They both replied simultaneously "of course we do".


Monday, March 4, 2013

Anger Repelant

Every once in awhile you think to yourself why am I here? Injustices have been pushing every button imaginable these past months. Patience is a virtue they say. Perhaps. But sometimes its days like these when you ask yourself why.