Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dodgy grass

So as I sit here after a "thank god its an off day" day, I am reminded that it is the father's day weekend. Or is it actually father's day (I am not too sure). While my parents is out having perhaps a father's day dinner out with my sis whose just gone into uni, I am sitting here trying to indulge myself before tomorrow's impending sorrows. (I am quite the optimist as I've been told).

Now before you go "you're not out with your dad on father's day?", know that I did have this mutual day out yesterday as a father-son bonding of sorts by smashing with anger at tiny white spherical entities. Where we did such activities is what I actually wanted to point out. We went to a golf course that got me started in the first place.

Have you been to a place that when you were little you thought the world off but now you just solely think its crap. Like how when you were little you felt that the playground you went to was huge but when you grew older you can see that its freakishly tiny and lame? Well that golf course took me to those fantastic little notion. Perhaps because of its lack of maintenance or perhaps I was mostly high during that time, but whatever it was, its RM50 wasted. Ha ha. We were actually looking forward to going there because of the rate it offered, but by perhaps the 10th hole I said to my dad, "for this lot RM50 is bloody expensive". (Yes, in that snobbish British accent). I could say that because I wasn't paying for the game. If I was, I would not have been there.

I know this story seems to just point out that I'm a dick, but, I can't complaint cause I think that too. Ha ha.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A pinch of nostradamus

I just wonder whether (if any) the direction of this particular blog is what I would have imagined it to be. I guess you can never really know. Its just that there is a sense of a shift in not only the writing style (doubtful) but also the tone that it has portrayed. Of course I would love to write more, but a lot have taken place that makes it a bit difficult. This post is somehow just an excuse for myself to myself really. I am hoping that I can finally click publish to some of my post without thinking too much, but in the near future I might also be doing a bit of a fairly new ground of writing for myself which will involve a bit more pictures which probably my old self (and a large portion of my current self) loathe. Lets keep it going then.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bio paper 3

Dunia kelihatan Biru jika, dan hanya jika, engkau lihat dunia ini Biru.

Dunia kelihatan Merah jika, dan hanya jika, engkau lihat dunia ini Merah.

Dunia kelihatan Hijau jika, dan hanya jika, engkau lihat dunia ini Hijau.

Penglihatan manusia berbagai. Hipotesis-hipotesis ini kebarangkalian subjektif. Seseorang itu boleh menggunakan hipotesis-hipotesis ini untuk diuji atau menggunakannya untuk menguji.

Perbezaannya adalah engkau dan aku.